BACKGROUND INFORMATION




PARENTS:               J. Rodney Allen & Mabel Bollis Allen (Deceased)


BIRTH:                     December 15, 1954, Meadville, PA - Crawford County


NURTURED:          Conneaut Lake, PA (Life) [well...not yet]


EDUCATION:         a)  Graduate of Conneaut Lake High School, 1972, top 10%

                                  b)  Attended Penn State University, State College, PA

                                  c)  Graduate of Reppart School of Auctioneering, Fall Term of 1976


PAST WORK:   a)  6/72 to 11/76   Worked on 500 acre family dairy farm

     b)  12/76 to 2/81   Worked apprenticeship under Mr. Earl Nicolls and then continued

                                  working with him in the auction field

     c)  3/81 to 4/89     In partnership with Mr. Bruce Nicolls in the Auctioneering field


PRESENT:         I am the sole owner of C. Sherman Allen, Auctioneer and Associates of Conneaut Lake, PA. I am also in partnership with Mr. Leslie Allen (brother) and Mrs. Jennifer Campbell (sister) on a 500 acre dairy farm located in the Conneaut Lake area.


        In July 1993, I purchased a home just 1/2 mile west of the farm house in which I had

     previously lived with my Grandfather Everett and my Great Aunt Frances. I had lived there since the age of 12.


     Having been a 4-H member for 10 years, showing and exhibiting swine at PA fairs, I started hauling livestock when I reached the age of 16 with the truck I had used in the swine exhibit circuit. I continue to haul livestock today, mostly purebred dairy cattle, as the time permits me to do so.


     My livelihood is from the “Auction Marketing Profession”. I especially enjoy selling dairy cattle and holding farm (agri) auctions. I have and still conduct all types of auctions. In this  profession, it gives one the opportunity to handle the “unique”, “unusual” and “diversified”  items of interest, in that I find them to be most challenging and satisfying. I not only research  them but organize, conduct and finalize all transactions to a satisfactory end. I LOVE this way of life and I enjoy meeting and helping people.


PERSONAL:      I have recently married Arvilla Baird (on August 22, 2010) and am enjoying it.  I am also a member and have attended the High Street Community Church in Conneaut Lake since I was a baby. I am also active in several local, state and national, civic, government and business organizations. A more complete list can be given upon request.